How Commtract Works

Welcome to Commtract, the world’s first dedicated marketplace for communications professionals.


Register your profile

Commtract is for communications professionals with more than three years’ experience. If that description fits you, then register here.

Within a few days of registering one of our talent management consultants will call you to talk through your skills and experience and ensure you are a good match for our platform. He or she will also answer any questions you have about how we work.

All commtractors are consultants. To obtain work through Commtract you must have an ABN and our preference is that you are GST registered. As a consultant, you will need to manage your own tax affairs and superannuation.


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Learn about work opportunities

Our clients range from large ASX listed companies to small businesses. When clients have a resourcing gap they post a project. Projects range from 12 months’ to twelve hours.

Click here to see some case studies. If a project is suited to your skills we will email you.You can also log in and visit our portal to see what is available. Remember, clients sometimes restrict who can see a project.

See Case Studies

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Submit a proposal

When you see a project of interest you can submit a proposal using our online template. We are a marketplace. This means you are not bound to the client’s budget or timeframes. They are just reference points to guide your proposal.

Importantly your proposal, profile and contact details are private. Only a client can see them, and only once a proposal is submitted. Other commtractors cannot see them. Typically, a client will contact you before formally engaging you. This is your opportunity to ask any questions that were not covered in the project description.

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Engagement and Invoicing

If a client wants to engage you they can either use an automated Commtract agreement or their own legal document. Our agreement covers all key terms and conditions. All invoicing and payments go through the Commtract platform.

Commtract adds 15 percent commission to your invoice. The client pays this not you. That’s our fee for helping you find great work. Once the client pays, we will remit the money to your account within 24 to 48 hours.

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At the end of the project, we will contact you to obtain feedback. This is not made public, but it does ensure we continually review the talent on our platform.


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Still have questions about Commtract?

How do I register to become a Commtractor?

It’s easy. Just click on ‘Register’ on our website. You will be asked to complete an online profile. Once you have done that someone will call you to explain how we operate and learn more about your skills and experience. Following that you will be approved on to the platform.

What does it cost to join the platform?

Absolutely nothing. However you do need three years communications experience.

Do I need an ABN?

Yes. Commtractors are consultants. You need an ABN or a company.

What about Tax & Superannuation?

Commtractors are consultants. This means you need to manage your own taxation and superannuation affairs.

Is my profile private?

Yes. Clients will only be able to see your profile if you submit a proposal. They cannot simply view who is on our platform.

How do I learn about projects?

We will email projects that suit your skills and experience. You can also login to the platform here and see what is available. Clients have the choice of making a project public on the platform or just showing to certain commtractors. This is why you need to keep your profile up to date.

What if I like the project but don’t think the money is enough?

Commtract is a marketplace. The project description provides guidance around budget and duration. You are free to develop your own response. Our clients will regularly revise the scope, budget or duration based on the proposals.

Where does Commtract make its money?

We add 15 percent to your budget. So it’s free for the freelancers. Clients are aware of this when they join our platform. If the client takes a commtractor full time we then charge 15 percent of the first years remuneration. This is all in the Terms & Conditions.

Do I have to live in Australia?

We are getting there. We have commtractors from right across the world. However our clients are still Australian and New Zealand.